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Buying Agent for Real Estate in South West Florida Buying a home is a major investment for most people, so it is important that it is done correctly.

Buyers typically want to pay the least for their purchase and want to ensure that they have the right agent looking after their interests to ensure they get a good deal. As a boutique style brokerage can give you a level of custom individualized service to find the home of your dreams or if budget is tight a stepping stone home on the way.

Once we have spoken in depth and find out what you are looking for, we get to work and spend countless hours checking through the Multiple Listing Service and using our network of brokers to find you a property that will meet your criteria

Once that property has been identified we can discuss how you would like the offer presented so as to increase your chances of your offer being accepted. It may or may not be asking price, but we can look at the circumstances and highlight factors in your favor to sway towards offer acceptance. For example having pre-finance approval, informing the seller you are a cash buyer or are willing to forgo an inspection or willing to accept the house that you know will require some repairs. Whatever the situation is, we will be able to represent your interests.

It is so important to have an agent that will go the extra mile to find you a property and then negotiate strongly to get a great deal for you.

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