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Eleanor Barr LLC is a licensed Sales Associate of Palm Oasis Realty & Management, Inc. a leading independent broker servicing South West Florida with particular local expertise in areas of Sarasota, Bradenton, Manatee County, Venice, Lakewood Ranch and Panther Ridge.

I strive to ensure that you are given amazing customer service and get the deal you want whether that be purchasing or selling your home or property. The huge advantage of using boutique brokerages is that customers are given individual personal attention and you are not just one customer out of thousands which can often happen when dealing with the big brand brokerages.

Sarasota Realtor Sales Associate

Call 941 209 9675 to discuss how I can help you!

Why Use Us?

I ran my own successful marketing company for many years and know how to market property, both online and traditional.

I work with one of the best boutique brokers in South West Florida!

I care about getting the deal you want and will work hard to get it!

Eleanor Barr LLC.
Sales Associate
Palm Oasis Realty & Management Inc.

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