Selling Your Home?

Property Selling Agent for Real Estate in South West FloridaWe are a boutique type brokerage and that it means that we are able to give you a 100% custom service to your needs to achieve your goal. Some sellers may prefer the big branded names, but you should always evaluate what you are getting and their business model. Are you just one of a hundred listings they may have to sell and as long as they sell properties it may not matter which property or are you  working closely with a boutique agency who limits their listings to ensure that you are given a great level of service. At Palm Oasis Realty & Management, Inc. the ethos is very much to provide an outstanding level of service and we win a customer for life as well as people they refer us to.

As a Realtor for Palm Oasis Realty & Management, Inc., Eleanor Barr LLC.  upholds these values and ensures that each and every customer is given outstanding service.

We do not just take a few photos, some property details and then load them on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and hope that a buying agent makes contact. We are very pro-active in our approach and will invest in the marketing of your property. For example:

It is so important to have an agent that will go the extra mile to market your property and then negotiate strongly to get a great deal for you

Selling Tips Guidance

Easy ways to make your property more sellableDo you want to get the most you can for your property and sell quickly? Some homes are in ready to sell condition but typically that is not the case and so if you wish, customers can avail themselves of free "get your house ready for Sale" hints and tips ideas as we view your home. In some cases it can be simply tidying up a teenagers messy bedroom and a little bit of cleaning, in other cases we may suggest some new paint, cracked tile repairs, fixture updates and improved landscaping to increase curb appeal

We all lead busy lives and it is so easy for to overlook faults and get used to how something looks, but its important to realize that the majority of buyers views your home with fresh eyes and judging every detail and what you think is no big deal can be a real deal breaker for them!

So, get ahead of the competition, increase your sale value and get a quicker sale.

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Marketing Your Property

It is important to realize that not all brokers market properties the same way. Sadly some will simply take photos and measurements then list it on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and wait until a buying agent contacts them. That is not Marketing! I have run my own successful marketing company doing traditional and online marketing and you need to set yourself apart if you want to attract quality buyers.

When Palm Oasis Realty and Management,Inc. get a listing, a marketing strategy is devised and put into action which will obviously include the MLS listing but also may include postcard mailing, using our own database of clients looking for properties, email blasts to nationwide brokers, video walk throughs, property staging to increase instant appeal, having Open Houses and numerous popular online Real Estate Websites etc. We use experienced Real Estate photographers who know how to use light,camera angles and shot composition to make your property look amazing. Rest assured we are not afraid to invest our time and money marketing your property to achieve a satisfactory sale and get a win-win for both of us.

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