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British Buyimng Homes In Florida If you are based in the UK and wish to purchase a home in Florida, then please call me as soon as possible to avoid some of the problems and misunderstandings that can happen in the USA real estate market.

When we moved to Florida from the UK it was an eye opener and we were hit with an enormous amount of unusual issues that property purchasers would not typically deal with in the UK.

British Buying houses in FloridaSome if it is simple terminology but not understanding common American real estate terms such as what an HOA or a CDD is or the significant penalties of dropping out of a contract are. We actually experienced many of these issues first hand when we moved here in 2010, so I speak from experience. Sadly, I have met people who have made such costly blunders and sometimes an American real estate professional will take for granted that you understand the purchase process in Florida and what your legal responsibilities are at the various stages of the purchase process.

Having a UK expat Realtor such as myself can help you avoid these costly mistakes.

Over the years, we have developed relationships with various useful professionals such as Mortgage Brokers, Immigration Attorneys, Lawyers and Building Contractors and will be happy to share those contact details with you, for you to consider using their services. Please note, providing these contacts is a free service to help our customers and we receive no referral payments from any of these professionals.

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